Thursday, 29 September 2016

TBT: 'Perfect World' by Kodaline

Kodaline are an indie rock band from Ireland.

Today we'll be talking about one of Kodaline's early songs 'Perfect World'.

'Perfect World' was released in 2012 on the Kodaline EP and also on the band's debut album 'In A Perfect World' in 2013.

Some of you may already be familiar with this song as it has been featured on well known TV programmes as background music.

Starting with a vocal straight away, accompanied by an acoustic guitar that lays the foundation for the piece and a cheeky shaker, the track is built up by the addition of a pulsing drum beat (although this is not overpowering). Different guitar parts and patterns are added, along with a strong bass that cements everything together, to create an even stronger wall of sound.

A tambourine is also added during the chorus which is a nice little touch.

To me, 'Perfect World' is about the difference between the ideal and reality.

'I saw your face in a photograph, painting a picture of a better time.'

'Touch down to reality, it's not exactly what you had in mind.'

'It will be okay, it wouldn't have to be this way, in a perfect, a perfect world.'

These lyrics represent the overall meaning of 'Perfect World' - the world may not be okay but maybe one day it could be. It's almost as if the narrator is painting a fantasy for the future.

During the end choruses, backing vocals are added to emphasise the phrase 'in a perfect world'. This is quite powerful and mixes well with the instruments to create a memorable chorus with an emotive tone.

As for the vocals in general - the Irish accent comes through slightly in the raw, relatively laid back tone. This, arguably, helps the track to sound more personal.

The ending of 'Perfect World' is quite interesting. After the final chorus, everything seems to almost stop but the main guitar part comes back, repeating louder and louder each time with the pulsing kick drum - making you think something's about to happen - another chorus perhaps? When it suddenly does one final strike to end the piece.

In summary, 'Perfect World' is a quite relaxed song with an almost idealistic quality to it that combines great guitar parts with a mixture of percussion to create a well crafted track.

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