Thursday, 8 September 2016

TBT: 'Believe' by The Bravery

The Bravery were a band formed in New York in 2003 who made three main studio albums and were active up until around 2009.

One of the most recognisable Bravery tracks is the indie rock anthem 'Believe', released in 2007. This is what we are talking about today.

For some, 'Believe' is a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it.

Although it may not be the most complex song in terms of lyrics, the staple line of the song being 'give me something to believe', I feel the track is easy to listen to and enjoy.

I particularly like the intro, a heavy bass line that sets the tone of the song.

The vocals are dropped in with almost no effort. This provides a sense of 'relaxed-ness' - it's almost like 'Believe' is the narrator having a conversation with you.

In my opinion, 'Believe' is about having no goal, no aspiration for life and striving to find something fulfilling in the world.

Lyrics that describe this well are:

'We do our time like pennies in a jar. but what are we saving for?'

'So give me something to believe, 'cause I am living just to breathe.'

Instrumentation wise, 'Believe' is much like any other indie rock song in that it utilises a heavy bed of guitars and drums with the odd electric guitar solo.

The track ends with a final electric guitar being struck and left to fade out.

If you want something resembling indie rock that is catchy and easy to listen to, definitely check out 'Believe' by The Bravery.

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