Monday, 3 October 2016

New Music Monday: Neil and Adam

Today we have something a little different.

Neil and Adam are a country duo from St Louis. Although their sound isn't something that I would typically listen to, I can appreciate the well crafted lyrics and snippets of catchy guitar melodies they have created.

I'm going to talk about a few of their songs including 'Leave This Town' and 'Everything Is Alright'.

Although the vocal may not be the best, most polished I've heard, it adds a personal quality to the songs and, to me, makes it feel as though you are listening in on a private band jam.

One of the duo's first songs I listened to was 'Leave This Town (Acoustic)'. It features, as you probably guessed, an acoustic guitar as the main foundation of the track.

This element is kept in the 'normal' demo version of the track where it is also accompanied by organs, pianos and electric guitars. Personally, I prefer the acoustic version due to its personal feel.

The song itself is about a relationship that has seen better days and consequently ends. The narrator finds himself thinking about whether his ex ever wonders about him after finding out about her new boyfriend - quite a story.

Next up we have 'Walk Away' which surprised me at first with its piano introduction.

Instrumentation wise, 'Walk Away' is almost a typical country pop song in that it features a sort of mellow drum kit, pulsing guitar and softer vocals.

As I am writing this, a newer version of the track (mastered at Abbey Road) has been released on LMC Records. This has enhanced the song and my first impressions of the track is that it is now a polished alt-country tune but has kept the pretty piano element to it which is great news.

Finally we have one of Neil and Adam's newest singles 'Everything Is Alright'.

In all honesty, I wasn't too sure about this song the first time I heard it but as I've listened to it more and more and researched into the duo, it's growing on me.

'Everything Is Alright' features a catchy chorus with claps that somehow makes your foot begin to tap.

An interesting fact about the track is that it was mixed and mastered by Mike Rogers who worked on 90's hit 'Groove Is In The Heart'.

In the words of the duo 'Everything Is Alright has an uplifting message, which is basically, beauty within is more important than how we look on the outside.'

Overall I think Neil and Adam are onto a good thing, rough, feel good country with pop/rock elements. Follow the links below to have a listen.

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