Thursday, 1 September 2016

TBT: Hot Chelle Rae 'Bleed'

Hot Chelle Rae were, at the time of the release of 'Bleed', a four piece pop/rock band from Nashville. Since, they have taken a little break and are now a three piece.

Today's throwback will focus on 'Bleed' which is featured on Hot Chelle Rae's debut album 'Lovesick Electric' (2009).

I picked 'Bleed' to showcase from the album because it is almost the anomaly in that it is a relatively slow, stripped back track full of emotion.

Starting with soft synth type sounds that are typically used in films to signify someone waking up blurry eyed really sets the tone of the song.

A simple, kind of rough sounding acoustic guitar enters in before Ryan's soft, emotive vocal comes in.

'I bleed my heart out on this pavement for you, so you can see what I can't say.'

'Bleed' is about, in my interpretation, laying your feelings down for someone in a song because sometimes the right words to express how much someone means to you just don't exist. This is referenced in the lyrics above.

As an emotionally charged song, at some points 'Bleed' gets rather intense. For example, the addition of backing vocals in the majority of choruses and big electric guitar parts, combined with the occasional heavy roar of drums emphasises the urgency and emotion behind the lyrics.

I particularly like the way that, after the build up and louder instrument additions, 'Bleed' goes back to the simple guitar parts heard at the beginning to end the track. It's almost a 'calm after the storm' effect and reflects, to me, the relief potentially of having got all these feelings off of your chest.

Overall, 'Bleed' is a really nice, slower break in the album with well written metaphorical lyrics.

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