Monday, 26 September 2016

New Music Monday: Rival State 'Impulses'

Rival State are a five piece rock band based in London, UK.

Two weeks ago, they released a new single called 'Impulses' that we are going to talk about today.

My first impression of this track was that it is a catchy rock song with a distinctive groove, defined by roaring guitars and thunderous drums.

After only hearing the track twice I can safely say that I know all the words to the chorus and can't stop humming the tune.

'I'm the animal, I'm the animal, acting on my animal impulses.'

(If you know the song, I can guarantee you hummed them words)

Starting off with the scratchy guitar pattern that forms the foundation of the track, strong vocals creep into 'Impulses' and the track starts to build. Gradually drums and counter guitar parts are brought in, increasing in intensity each time.

This results in a thick texture for the huge chorus.

Different layers are then taken away and gradually come back in to create a bigger build up to each following chorus.

The vocals on 'Impulses' have a good tone which helps to make the song so catchy.

The final chorus hits you as a solid wall of sound. I can imagine this live with a crowd of people going crazy - it's a song you really need to jump along to!

Overall, I'm really glad I stumbled across Rival State and 'Impulses' - a great alternative rock song that packs a punch.

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