Thursday, 22 September 2016

TBT: 'Getaway' by Mallory Knox

Today we look back to 2014 when British band Mallory Knox released the single 'Getaway'.

As any typical rock song would be, 'Getaway' is packed with soaring guitar riffs, intricate thundering drums and an emotive vocal performance.

Starting relatively softly with an arguably more subtle guitar part allows the vocal tone to be showcased right from the very start before things get a little bit more intense.

The crash of drums really gets the song going.

Throughout the first verse it's just the initial guitar, vocal, backing vocal and drums but then suddenly all instrumentation is taken away for one line portrayed with the tone of frustration, despair and longing.

'Cause you're dying just to tell me you're not.'

With a roar, everything comes back but ten times harder for the chorus.

The intensity and pace is then kept up throughout the following verses and amplified during choruses, emphasising the desperateness of the lyrics, further enhanced by the vocal performance.

Towards the end, there is a nice little break down to almost just a guitar and backing vocal repeating the main line of the song.

This is layered with the main vocal and other backing vocals as well as a drum pattern to create a build up into the final explosive chorus.

Lyrically, to me, the song is about communication within a relationship and being able (or not able) to tell each other how you really feel or what's going on inside your head. A standout lyric that represents this in my view is:

'Baby tell me you're okay, 'cause you're dying just to tell me you're not.'

In summary, 'Getaway' is a rock anthem that would get any crowd jumping around losing themselves. It uses guitar riffs, relatively simple lyrics and a memorable vocal to produce a catchy track that I hope you will enjoy listening to.

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