Thursday, 13 October 2016

TBT: 'Zero Gravity' by Echoman

Do you know this song?

Some of you may recognise it when you hear it due to the fact that 'Zero Gravity' and its insane bass line has been used in a well known car advert in the UK.

I thought I'd talk about it today as it's something a little bit different from the typically more rock orientated tracks we talk about here. 

Released in 2013, 'Zero Gravity' is a dance-pop track with an infectious hook.

'When I'm with you - zero gravity.'

Swirling synths, guitars, pulsing organ type sounds and the occasional picked string section create a space like tone to the track and keep momentum.

It's almost as if Echoman has thrown space, dance music and a hint of rock into a pot - 'Zero Gravity' being the result.

The vocals featured on the track are male, relatively deep and also kind of electronic sounding, enhancing the space vibe. 

Lyrically, the song hints towards the description of a relationship. Some lyrics that show this are:

'Within a heartbeat you changed reality.'

'One heart, one soul, we defy all theory.'

Overall, 'Zero Gravity' is definitely an interesting song to listen to that will be buzzing around in your head for quite a while.

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