Monday, 31 October 2016

New Music Monday: '24 Hour Deflowerer' by My Life Story

Formed in the 1990’s, My Life Story is a British indie pop band commonly associated with the Britpop era. To give you some understanding of their success, the band have notched up six Top 40 hits in their time together.

But today we’re talking about their first single release in sixteen years – ’24 Hour Deflowerer’.

The bass line and strong synth presence is the first thing that hits you at the start of the track along with what sound like bongo type drums and shakers (that might just be my hearing!).

This is followed by the introduction of a classic drum kit combined with electric guitars to create a sort of pumping sensation, laying the foundation of the track with an infectious beat that will get your feet tapping.

Vocally, the track is quite ‘free’ sounding. By this I mean that you can imagine the vocalist singing this live – it’s not perfect but that’s what gives it charm, character and adds to the overall vibe of the song.

The chorus of ’24 Hour Deflowerer’ is very catchy as this is the pinnacle of the drum/guitar/synth locked rhythms. Everything seems to work really well together in the chorus, nothing is overshadowed.

After the second chorus there is a small break in instrumentation where the guitar patterns change and the vibe is brought down a notch. This creates a platform for a slight build up into the final chorus where the drums and guitars come back better than ever. A crazy synth solo is also featured during this section which was an unexpected twist.

Overall, the track gets catchier and catchier the more you listen to it – a pretty good return for My Life Story.

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