Monday, 24 October 2016

New Music Monday: 'Sparks' EP - The Tin Pigeons

The Tin Pigeons are an indie folk four piece from Rutland, UK.

Today we'll be talking about their most recent EP, 'Sparks'.

Title track 'Sparks' kicks off the EP with mystical sounds bursting into rhythmic percussion.

'Sparks' has a great groove, defined by a strong pulsing bass drum and bright guitar tones. This creates a summer vibe to the track.

A laid back, warm toned vocal is showcased from the beginning of the song with care free lyrics.

Personally, The Tin Pigeons sound reminds me of bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and Model Aeroplanes, but with their own unique spin added.

Overall, 'Sparks' is a very relaxing song. During the middle of the song there is a break while instrumentation is stripped back and panning is used very effectively to create a vocal build up.

'Sparks' flows seamlessly into the battle cry of rolling drums (but a slightly more mellow version) of 'Sirens'.

Containing a creative bass line, adding interest, and clapped rhythms that keep your feet tapping to the beat, 'Sirens' continues the summery vibe in a more laid back way.

At the start there is slightly more emphasis on the acoustic guitar element of the track, adding to the laid back folk feel.

This is a perfect example of what The Tin Pigeons do so well, fusing the folk style with funky electric guitar patterns to create infectiously good music.

Bringing the three track EP to a close is 'What Would You Say'.

The summer vibe is amplified in this song due to the more upbeat, faster nature of the track. This provides a nice contrast to 'Sirens' and ends the EP on a high.

There may not be much variety on this short EP but it is a great introduction to a band that I can't wait to hear more of.

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