Monday, 4 July 2016

New Music Monday

Welcome to the first (#) New Music Monday post!

For this first post, I'm going to keep things short and focus on new (or newish) releases from artists that are dominating radio play at the moment - in the coming weeks this will change to new, perhaps unsigned bands as well.

If you have a track and would like it to be featured on the blog, please don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter @wewantgoodmusic.

Now, onto the new songs...


Bastille are back! With single 'Good Grief' from their upcoming album 'Wild World' that is available for pre order now. I realise that this track was released quite a few weeks ago now but thought it was notable to include anyway.

The song contains all the characteristics you would associate with Bastille. from a piano accompaniment driving the song forward to a rhythmic bass part and a hook that sticks in your head for days.

'I miss you. I miss you. I miss you more' has been spinning around in my mind ever since I first heard 'Good Grief'.

Bit of analysis:

'Watching through my fingers' is repeated at the beginning of the song, signifying that the narrator is witnessing something hard to watch , painful yet enthralling.

I've heard a couple of different theories as to what the song is about but the main consensus (seemingly backed up by the video for 'Good Grief' released last week) is that it is about a relationship that has had a bit of a messy/heartbreaking ending that the narrator is finding hard to come to terms with.

This is reflected in the lyrics that refer to being caught off guard by 'your favourite song'. Hearing your ex-loved one's favourite song conjures up sometimes unexpected feelings of sadness or perhaps regret or just remembering the person in general - grief.

Whatever the meaning behind it, 'Good Grief', in my opinion. is a great comeback for Bastille and I look forward to hearing the new album later on this year.


On the verge of releasing their new album (Ellipsis), Biffy Clyro have released a couple of new songs and given exclusives to stations such as Radio 1. I will be doing a full album review after its release on Thursday so won't go into too much detail.

The songs I've heard so far are 'Flammable', 'Medicine', 'Animal Style' and of course 'Wolves Of Winter'. From these, I can tell that Biffy are back with the classic style we all love as well as a few new twists.

Particularly, 'Medicine' is a more acoustic song than I believe we are used to, arguably much more atmospheric - effortlessly beautiful.

'Animal Style' on the other the complete opposite. 'Running at 100 miles an hour' it is an unapologetic rock anthem.

Personally, at the moment, 'Wolves Of Winter' is my favourite track from the upcoming Biffy album.
I can't describe why. I just love it. I feel like it would thrive in a live setting with crowds jumping up and down shouting the lyrics back to the stage.

There's a really good video on the band's YouTube channel describing the thoughts behind Wolves OF Winter (I will tweet the link). In short, the mentality behind the song is that there are a pack of wolves and if someone comes onto their land - they'll come to get you. Ben describes this as 'the clan Biffy Clyro getting back together' due to the fact that they haven't been in the public eye as much for the past year.

More on this after the full album release on Thursday.


Next up is a song that not many of you may have heard of...

'Float Your Boat' by Ryan Follese (of Hot Chelle Rae fame).

I, much like many others, have been waiting in anticipation, longing for HCR to release new material but instead we are getting solo material from Ryan (and Nash I believe) - which I am totally okay with.

I can only describe this as a catchy, typically summer song.

'Float Your Boat' is quite different from the other songs I've written about above in that it is more of a pop song. As such, the chorus is incredibly addictive in the sense that you can't stop humming it once you've heard it. The song also features a hefty bass line and Ryan's vocal performance just makes you want to dance (or at least tap your foot in time).

Overall, just good vibes from this song, perfect for lounging about in the sun with an ice cool drink.

Check out the music above, I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any recommendations for bands/songs for me to listen to and write about please contact me via Twitter!

Until next time....


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