Thursday, 30 June 2016

TBTA: The Struts - Could Have Been Me

The first Throw Back Thursday Archive post goes to The Struts' song 'Could Have Been Me'.

Released in 2013, 'Could Have Been Me' was the debut single of British band The Struts.

I first heard the song featured on a Sunday morning breakfast TV show and immediately needed to know what it was and who sung it (this was followed by at least a couple hours of watching countless interviews with the band, you know that sort of black hole you fall into when discovering certain bands - that was me with The Struts). As it happened, this was the only song they had released at the time.

'Could Have Been Me' is nothing short of an anthem in my opinion.

Starting off with pulsing claps to get the crowd pumped, adding the crash of tribe like drums and a guitar part that drives the song forward, the opening line of the song is 'don't wanna live as an untold story, rather go out in a blaze of glory'. This line really resonated with me, along with the main lyric of the song 'I wanna live better days, never look back and say it could have been me'.

For me, this song is about having no regrets and living life to the absolute maximum. I could of course be getting this meaning completely wrong but I like my version of events.

Half way through the song we hear a crowd chanting the chorus whilst a strong beat is continued by the clapping heard throughout the song. This reminded me a lot of football chanting when I first heard it in that you can hear the passion in the voices of the crowd and picture them in a mosh pit somewhere shouting such inspiring lines, willing each other on.

The Struts have since released a full album, a review of which will be posted in the future.

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