Monday, 18 July 2016

New Music Monday: Model Aeroplanes

Okay, I'm late to the party.

Model Aeroplanes are a four piece hailing from Dundee who create infectious guitar riffs combined with lively vocals to produce catchy tracks that should be part of everyone's music collection.

I only discovered the band a couple of days ago via a new video for one of their tracks.

I've been missing out.

Model Aeroplanes are, I would say, part of that brand of indie that mixes pop qualities with tight guitar and drum parts. They remind me of bands such as Chase Atlantic and (everyone says this) Bombay Bicycle Club, with their catchy choruses and guitar parts.

Now, because I was late in discovering the band, I am going to be talking about their 'Something Like Heaven EP' released in March, 2016.

The first song on the EP is also the title track - 'Something Like Heaven'. This song radiates summer vibes and a tropical sound. I think the chorus will be stuck in my head for a long time and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Second we have 'The Wild'.

This has more of a rocky vibe, with arguably more of a distorted guitar sound, but still keeps the catchiness (not technically a word but it'll do) and pop vibes associated with 'Something Like Heaven' in its chorus.

In my notes, I've written 'liked the way it ended' which sounds bizarre. By this, I am referring to the fact that the track ends quite abruptly, finishing perfectly on a vocal part being left to drift to silence. I didn't do that description justice - you should go have a listen to see what I mean.

Next up we have the song that introduced me to the band - 'Whatever Dress Suits You Better'.

The only way I can describe this song is a feel good, foot tapping summer jam.

I can see 'Whatever Dress Suits You Better' being great at a festival or in a live situation purely because it's a feel good anthem and, much like all other Model Aeroplanes songs I have heard, you can feel the energy of the band in the song. I can only imagine how much fun their set is to witness.

The final song on the EP is 'Toothache'.

A guitar riff hits you instantly whilst interesting drum and bass lines build up.

The first 40 seconds of the track remind me of an almost brighter. more summery version of The 1975? (Maybe just me on that one!)

The line 'it's always alright' (part of the chorus) has layers of vocals with some reverb, creating a kind of airy feel. This is really stunning the first time you hear it. Again, I'd love to hear this track at a festival in the sun with a crowd chanting the lyrics.

Overall, 'Something Like Heaven' is a brilliant summer EP - I wish I had heard of Model Aeroplanes sooner!

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