Thursday, 7 July 2016

TBTA - Lorde 'Tennis Court'


Released in 2013 and featured on the album Pure Heroine, 'Tennis Court' was one of the first singles released by New Zealand singer Lorde.

In my opinion, 'Tennis Court' was overshadowed by 'Royals' (failing to enter the UK top 40). But we all know that 'Royals' was the tune of summer 2013 so I suppose we can't complain.

Combining elements of EDM with alternative pop, 'Tennis Court' is a chill (for want of a better adjective) song with lyrics that are said to address the 'high life' and Lorde's rise to fame with words like 'it looked alright in the pictures'.

From the beginning, 'Tennis Court' has a pulsating sensation that you can't help but tap or click along to.

This explodes into the chorus where simple clicks and pulses are met with a heavy bass line and doubled vocal lines that emphasise Lorde's haunting voice, only to be dropped for the second verse.

I think Lorde is truly unique in that her songs aren't like 'typical pop' songs, if you will. They mix alternative with pop with elements of dance and a catchy pulse with choruses that can't escape your mind - worth giving the album another listen.

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