Thursday, 28 July 2016

TBTA: Stereophonics 'Mr Writer'

Throwback Thursday Archive: Stereophonics 'Mr Writer'

Released in 2001, our throwback this week is the anthem that is 'Mr Writer' by Welsh band Stereophonics.

It may sound silly...but I didn't actually know the meaning behind this song until I began to research it.

It's obvious from the title now that the track is about journalism.

This is also reflected in the lyrics of the song, such as:

'You don't even know me but you'd like to stone me.'

'Mr Writer, why don't you tell it like it really is?'

Introduced with drums that almost creep into your ears, 'Mr Writer' is a fantastically catchy rock song.

I feel that the true 'groove' of the song is hidden in the guitar riffs and an almost whaling lead guitar. This is particularly evident in the chorus.

A pretty piano part is played half way through which is a nice surprise and breaks up the distorted guitar, typical rock sound.

Vocalist Kelly Jones' voice is often described as throaty or raspy and is really suited, obviously, to this style of music. I feel like this adds to the rawness of the song and allows the listener to feel the emotion behind the lyrics.

The song builds and builds, adding and then taking away different guitar parts until the very end where everything is stripped back to leave an almost buzzing drifting electric guitar.

Overall, Mr Writer is a grunge filled foot tapper of a song driven by a strong drum beat, honest vocal and interesting layered electric guitar parts.

I am very much enjoying re-listening to Stereophonics hits, 'Mr Writer' being one of my current favourites.

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