Thursday, 11 August 2016

TBTA: Oh Wonder 'Livewire'

I believe that I first heard 'Livewire' on Connor Franta's compilation album 'Common Culture' (volume three I think).

After some research, I found that Oh Wonder are a duo from London that are causing quite a storm in the indie world.

But we're here to talk about 'Livewire', released in 2015.

The song has a beautiful piano part with complimentary bass lines and effortless vocals.

Using the term for an exposed electrical cable, 'Livewire' is a metaphor for a relationship. The narrator shows feelings of self doubt and longing for this person to become their 'livewire' (partner).

This is shown in the standout lyric of the song:

'Won't you be my livewire, make me feel like I'm set on fire. Your love will take me higher and higher.'

The duo's timid, yet emotive, vocals draped over a foundation of strong, yet not overpowering, beats and minimalist piano creates a fragile, sort of vulnerable atmosphere to the song.

Staying quite subdued throughout, there are small build ups to each chorus.

However, before the final chorus, a different guitar part is added which provides a contrasting tone to the song. Everything then returns to a subtle, vocal orientated state, only to be launched into the final chorus with full instrumentation.

The track ends with a final piano melody and the vocal is left to drift, almost hauntingly.

I can only imagine how captivating this track is performed live.

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