Monday, 22 August 2016

New Music Monday: Billy Mitchell 'Fear Of The Night'

'Fear Of The Night' by Dundee rocker Billy Mitchell is this week's dose of new music.

The song is made up of typical indie-rock-esque drums and guitar riffs but what really interests me about this track is the chorus.

The track starts off with a relatively catchy guitar and drum section, leading into the first verse where the established beat keeps your foot tapping.

This is emphasised in the chorus with bigger drums and the addition of louder cymbals marking the beat. The layered vocals make the chorus seem massive, I can definitely imagine this song live in a festival environment.

Billy's vocal sounds very familiar, not too polished and full of emotion.

I think the mark of a good chorus is 'can I remember the lyrics?' 'would I sing along?'.


After only listening to 'Fear Of The Night' a couple of times, I can safely say that I know the lyrics and am probably going to be humming the chorus tune all day - it's memorable.

Aside from that, I particularly like the little electric guitar patterns showcased after the second chorus.

The ending to 'Fear Of The Night' is interesting as well due to the clever use of panning and an electric guitar - you should give it a listen using headphones to see what I mean.

I can't wait to hear more from Billy Mitchell.

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