Thursday, 25 August 2016

TBT: Brother And Bones 'For All We Know'

Released in 2012, 'For All We Know' is the title track of one of Brother And Bones' first EPs.

We'll get the obvious sound comparison out of the way - Brother And Bones could be compared to Mumford And Sons due to the style of music they produce so well. However, Brother And Bones put their own stamp on everything to make it unique.

'For All We Know' is a really interesting song. 

Starting off quietly with just a beautiful acoustic guitar and deep vocal softly singing 'For All We Know', this track could be described as acoustic with a rock influence.

A pulsing kick drum enters with more intricate guitar patterns to build up into the chorus.

Containing a cheeky tambourine and powerful drums, making a bold statement, the chorus is emotional and simplistic.

Lyrically, the song tells a story really well. You would assume it is a sad song based on the lyrics. Take the first verse for example:

'I still feel the lonely mornings,
Yea the same ones you left behind.
Now loneliness the only thorn in,
The only thorn left in my side.'

This said, the vocal delivery somehow uplifts the lyrics. I really like the tone of the vocals and I think the ability to move effortlessly from the soft tones featured in the beginning of the track to the stronger, more emotive vocal of the chorus, back to the soft tone makes the song really interesting and compliments the acoustic style.

Towards the middle of the song, there is a really nice build up into the final chorus. This includes the repetition of the phrase 'for all we know' with the addition of backing vocals singing 'where are we now' - haunting. This is accompanied by a crescendo of electric guitar and drums, culminating into an explosive end that would get any crowd waving their palms in the air.

However, the track effortlessly slips back to return to its acoustic state with a simple acoustic guitar and vocal, showcasing the depth and emotion of the vocal. 

I can imagine this song and band being absolutely captivating live.

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