Thursday, 18 August 2016

TBT: Chase Atlantic 'Dalliance EP'

For those who are unaware, Chase Atlantic are a three piece pop punk type band hailing from Australia.

Today we're going to be casting our minds back to 2014 when Clinton, Mitchel and Christian released the 'Dalliance' EP.

The EP features five tracks, one of which is a remix that I won't really be commenting on.

Starting off with pretty sparkly synthy type sounds being interrupted by punchy drums and urgent vocals, the first track on the EP is 'Anchor Tattoo'.

Listening back, I find that Chase Atlantic remind me of a mix between 5 Seconds Of Summer and The 1975 (a comparison that I'm sure many people have already made). This combination means that they incorporate crazy guitar riffs with catchy melodic choruses to create a pop punk vibe to many of their songs.

The guitar driven anthem 'Anchor Tattoo' quietens down towards the end, exposing the simple sparkly synthy sounds that initiated the track. This transitions into the second song 'Gravity' really well.

'Gravity' slows things right down.

Using a softer palette of sounds and simple drum beat creates a feeling of emptiness/floating which is in keeping with the title of the track.

In addition, this showcases the vocal really well. The vocal itself is arguably quite polished but still holds emotion and I really like the fact that the Australian accent comes through.

Towards the end of the track there is a bit of a build up where the drum kit enters playing a strong beat, accompanied by an electric guitar defining the beat for an instrumental ending.

Keeping things slow, next up we have 'Hold Your Breath'.

Starting off with not much more than a bass, guitar and vocal, the beginning to 'Hold Your Breath' is relatively mellow in nature.

The chill vibes are kept up until a running drum beat is thrown into the equation.

This explodes into a chorus where the track is layered up with guitar riffs and interesting drum patterns to create an almost typical pop punk sound.

As such, there is a bit of contrast in this song - the verses being relatively quiet compared to the intense urgency of the chorus, driven by the drum beat previously mentioned.

Towards the end, there is a real surprise when the vocal becomes distant and slightly distorted for a split moment. This keeps things interesting.

Finally (excluding the remix track) we have my personal favourite track on the EP, the one that introduced me to Chase Atlantic - 'Run Away'.

Starting with a really chill (I apologise for the over use of chill) click beat that bass and guitar riffs lock into, 'Run Away' has a very summery vibe.

This is taken to a completely new level when the drums enter and the insanely catchy chorus starts.

What makes this song even better is the beautiful saxophone solo half way through.

Returning to the original minimalist clicking and guitar, the song is left to drift away to finish - almost like watching someone run away potentially.

Overall, the 'Dalliance EP' is a great feel good listen.

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