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The Hummingbirds - 'Moving On' EP

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Hailing from Liverpool, The Hummingbirds are a five piece Nashville inspired alt. rock band. Set for release on 28th July, their new EP 'Moving On' follows the success of their debut album released in 2016.

The four track EP begins with title track 'Moving On'.

Having never heard The Hummingbirds before, one of the first things I noticed was how their sound echoes other bands such as The Eagles and Oasis but with a Nashville-esque flavour, resulting in a truly unique sound. 'Moving On' is the track where these influences are most prominent in my opinion.

The EP links songs through the common narrative of love.

Second track, 'And It's You', details the relentless thoughts of a relationship spinning in someone's mind. Beginning with a single acoustic guitar and raw vocal provides a sense of vulnerability to this track. A female vocal is then added to accompany the male vocal, turning this track into a country rock ballad.

The Hummingbirds are particularly good at balancing tracks so that the vocal is left to shine but every now and then there are glimpses of cymbal crashes or intricate guitar riffs that push to the forefront to remind you that they're there providing a groove to sway along to.

'Come Home' is one of the more country influenced tracks on the EP. Featuring a clean guitar solo half way through and punctuated by drums throughout, this track is one to tap your foot along to. Also, 'Come Home' ends with a very sweet line 'after all we've been through, I realised it's always been you'.

The EP ends with 'Last Time' - a track that continues the country rock vibe with a catchy chorus and emotive lyrics.

'Never let me go'.

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Find out more about The Hummingbirds here.

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