Monday, 17 July 2017

Introducing Youth Club

Picture Source: @weareyouthclub on Twitter

We are late to the party.

After attending Village Green Festival last weekend and not being able to fit into the tent this Southend four piece were playing, we knew they were something special.

Youth Club are an indie pop band from Essex that combine catchy hooks with upbeat guitars, creating infectious songs that leave you no choice but to dance along. This week we'll be looking at a few of Youth Club's singles, beginning with their most recent release 'Are You Wanting It All'.

Starting off with a laid back vibe created by clicks and a funky bass line, the rhythmic groove present in many Youth Club songs is given a slightly mysterious sounding twist. Typical to Youth Club, this song has a quite mellow dance groove in the verses with more uplifting phrases in the chorus aided by repeating brighter guitar patterns. Another interesting element to this track is its video which features silhouettes of the band throughout - something different.

Next, we're going a bit further back into Youth Club history with 'Pressure'.

The start of this track is rather unique, with drips and synthy beats punctuated by guitar strums introducing the song. This drip-feed of synths, drums and guitars flows into the musical accompaniment for the chorus and rest of the song representing, in my opinion, the confused/pressured situation. 'Pressure' has an arguably darker tone than most other Youth Club songs and a slightly more chaotic feel.

'We're wasting our time, never live up to the pressure.'

Half way through the pressure breaks.

'I know I know.'

This is a sort of calm oasis in the song. Overall, 'Pressure' has a good groove and reminiscent carnival vibes created by the mix of instruments and beats.

The final track we're going to talk about is 'DTLA' (short for Downtown LA).

With a defined beat and bass line from the start, DTLA definitely packs a punch. This upbeat track mixes guitar licks with a more R'n'B orientated vocal to once again create a catchy blend of indie pop. In particular, towards the end the guitar copies the vocal pattern in a solo type affair which was a nice addition to an already fantastic track.

If you're looking for more Youth Club tunes to jump around, sway your arms and move your feet to check out their 2014 EP 'Brothers'.

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Find out more about Youth Club here.  

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