Monday, 12 June 2017


For those unaware of the creative, soulful singer-songwriter Nambyar here's a brief overview. Currently based in Amsterdam, Nambyar is half Fijian, half Dutch and has made a name for himself in Europe, with writing credentials including Swedish pop singer Erik Rapp's single 'Look Like Lovers'. 

Now, Nambyar has used his writing and production talents to produce two alternative R&B singles - 'Warm In The Winter' and 'Once More'.

Released earlier this year, 'Warm In The Winter' has a mellow groove featuring Nambyar's signature soulful vocal punctuated by understated beats. Starting with warm tones created by ambient analogue synths, this chilled vibe track is perfect for a relaxed playlist. Even the explosive chorus, featuring beautiful piano parts, maintains a perfect balance for this atmospheric electronic love song. 

Nambyar's most recent release, 'Once More' has much more prominent beats than 'Warm In The Winter' but still manages to come across as incredibly soulful and mellow. This emotive track tells the story of love, loss and moving on and combines entrancing synths, striking piano accompaniment and melancholic lyrics to create a groove to tap your feet along to but that can also break your heart if you listen closely. 

Three words to describe Nambyar's music so far: 

Exciting. Cinematic. Groove. 

We hope to hear more from Nambyar very soon. 

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