Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hey, Hi, Hello

Welcome to We Want Good Music, a music blog (you guessed it) about hopefully good music.

Now, everyone's definition of 'good music' will be different and that's fine. I am hoping to showcase some new upcoming talent from across the globe as well as remind you of a few classic gems that may have been forgotten. Keep coming back each week and you might discover something completely new to fall in love with.

Initially, I will be posting on Mondays and Thursdays:
New Music Mondays: Showcasing new (or relatively recent) music.
Throw Back Thursday Archive (I know - original)

I'm always open to having a listen to anything of any genre so feel free to tweet me @wewantgoodmusic with some suggestions for bands/songs!

This is going to be a really informal blog that celebrates music - I hope you can come along for the journey.

Until next time...

*I try my best to portray accurate information on this blog and keep opinions positive.

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