Monday, 23 January 2017

New Music Monday: The Carnabys

Five piece The Carnabys are an indie band hailing from Twickenham. Today we'll be focussing on their second album 'Too Much Never Enough'.

Released on 19th August 2016, 'Too Much Never Enough' is the perfect twelve track blend of upbeat hooks, clean guitars and raw vocals.

One of my personal favourites on the album is 'Frayed Feather' - a song about the older musicians the band have played with in their hometown. This is a relatively bright song with a defined beat carved out by pulsating drums and muddled guitar patterns.

In contrast, the following track 'Down He Goes' has a much more laid back tone and a slower pace. Soaring guitars, relaxed drums and a free vocal make this song a great one to sway to.

'Elizabeth' is up next. Up tempo, frantic electric guitar hooks and bold drums hit you along with a wall of vocals making this song a great one to go crazy to. I particularly like the slight use of call and response on the guitars half way through the track, adding interest. After this, there is a slight breakdown in instrumentation, the vocal softens and the track is brought to a perfect end.

Another stand out track on the album is 'Peaches and Bleach'. Silence is pierced with an authentic vocal with warm tone. A mix of heavy bass rhythms, punchy guitars and crashing cymbals punctuate vocal lines, creating an interesting track.

'Too Much Never Enough' is an entertaining indie rock listen and The Carnabys energy is definitely something you need to experience live.

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