Thursday, 1 March 2018

F E B R U A R Y // M A R C H

February has brought us many new music discoveries from a range of sonically unique artists.

Here are our picks to get you in the mood for transitioning into spring.


Hailing from Washington USA, dreampop quartet Brett specialise in creating hooks that will leave you humming for days.

I came across a relatively old Brett track and was instantly hooked. The track in question is entitled 'Modern Classic'.

Released in 2016, 'Modern Classic' is a guitar beat driven anthem. As the fourth of five tracks on the band's 'Die Young' EP, the track encompasses the tone of the EP - the dreamlike restlessness of youthful love and perhaps the regrets and opportunities surrounding it. 

Brett's sound has evolved in 2017 to showcase more socially aware themes and arguably a darker side.

New single 'Roman Candle' exhibits what is to come from this interesting group. Accompanied by 2017 release 'Emperor Tho', it is clear that the dreampop label may not be as suited to the band anymore. Although the catchy hooks remain, the new songs place an increased emphasis on the drumkit and guitar feedback to create a melodic sense of chaos as opposed to the synth layers we've heard previously. 

Brett release their new EP on 16th March - save the date. 


Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks are an experimental indie pop band from Los Angeles, USA. The group credits its internet following to two of its members’ (Ricky Montgomery and Caleb Hurst) gaining notoriety on the app Vine. They are set to release their debut EP, 'The Honeysticks EP', on 23rd March (we can't wait!). As part of the debut, the group will be officially changing its name to The Honeysticks.

Today we're focussing on the track that led me to The Honeysticks - 'Out Like A Light' (2017).

If I were to summarise this track in one word it would be whispy. By this, I mean that you can picture a couple slow dancing in a faded reminiscent state. The song itself seems to be about the triumphs and tribulations of a relationship in a blurred fashion. This is aided by a steady simple drum beat and emotive vocal phrasing complimented by a distorted guitar solo and the sound of running water towards the end of the track.

Another Honeysticks track worth noting is 'This December', released in 2016 as part of the 'Montgomery Ricky' album. Incorporating some of the melodic elements of 'Out Like A Light', this track is a far more upbeat sounding, foot tapping effort. 


Cavetown is 'a 19 year old boy that wants to make music forever' - @cavettown.

Some have labelled Cavetown's genre as alternative bedroom pop, personally I don't think you can put a label on it. With elements of acoustic folk rawness mixed with the odd electronic beat and a dabble of piano - 'Lemon Boy' (2018) is a unique, atmospheric and refreshing album. 

The first single I heard from 'Lemon Boy' was the title track. Opening with a stripped down guitar and vocal combination, the metaphorical use of a lemon tree in the lyrics of this song make it rather unique. A relaxed beat mixed with an atmospheric bed of vocals makes this a perfect song to add to your wind down playlist (until the end which features a louder guitar solo but there's an acappella version to avoid that).

'Fool' is an interesting track as the techniques used on Cavetown's vocals differ to those utilised in the rest of the album. This adds another dimension to the song which, accompanied by a distorted beat, makes the song arguably more pop-like than others.

One thing that is evident from listening to the entirety of 'Lemon Boy' is that Cavetown has an ability to shape a song around a memorable chorus. I enjoyed seeing the progression in the album, with experimentation on some tracks that contrasted my initial impressions of Cavetown. 

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