Monday, 20 March 2017

Introducing INEGO

Picture Source: @inegomusic on Twitter

Hailing from Manchester, UK, INEGO are an alternative rock band with a knack for creating an infectious groove.

Today we're taking it back to 2015 with Inego's EP entitled 'What Are You Waiting For?'

A crash of drums, a flash of guitar and they're off - first track 'Talking To You' sets the scene for the EP with expansive vocals and an upbeat rhythm. This is definitely one to bop along to. Towards the end of the track sits a relaxed, clean sounding guitar solo which breaks down into a tribe like, pumping drum beat complimented by a rhythmic bass pattern. This finishes the track with an air of mystery that is built upon in the second song on the EP, 'Startin' Fires'.

The droning of guitars and decaying drums flow perfectly into 'Startin' Fires' to create a mysterious, dark atmosphere. The groove is defined from the start through linked guitar and drum patterns. Inego's distinctive vocal tone is then layered over the top. A surprising twist comes half way through the track when the overall feel changes slightly to a more upbeat vibe. This makes me think of summer in a way, with the bright backing vocals and laid back instrumentation with minimal lyrical content. Tribal drums then reappear with a final chorus of 'keep starting the fire' to end the song as it began.

Title track 'What Are You Waiting For' follows and is a strong contender for my personal favourite track on the EP. With a slightly more relaxed vibe than the tracks that precede it, 'What Are You Waiting For' starts with a simple drum crash and guitar strums, building layers until the chilled, somewhat reflective, vocal enters. After the relatively melancholic first verse finishes with the line 'it will get easier' a bright guitar strum provides a glimmer of hope - that is joined with the chorus lyric 'and the streets will all be grey and the rain will go away', punctuated by cymbal crashes and guitar patterns.

Finally we have 'It's Okay, It's Alright', a track that starts with a burst of clean guitars and a bed of bass and drums laying down the foundations for a good track to tap a foot along to. An arguably slightly darker vibe is created in this track through the use of the bass and grittier guitars in general, although the laid back sense is not lost. I particularly appreciated the way this song ended with the drums and guitar parts ending in perfect time, leading to a decay of sound.

That's it for the laid back, catchy guitar riddled 2015 EP but Inego have also released more music in the form of 2016 single 'Exiled Love' - a song that builds upon the themes of the 'What Are You Waiting For' EP with the same laid back, guitar driven sound in a more polished package. This will be accompanied by a third part of the story still to come - we can't wait!

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Find out more about Inego here.

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