Monday, 20 February 2017

New Music Monday: Singles Edition

This week I thought we'd do something different.

In recent weeks a few good singles have come to my attention from various bands around the UK who are in the middle of making new albums. As such, with no EP or album to review all we have are the singles so that's what we're going to talk about today. Welcome to New Music Monday - the singles edition.

First up we have 'Modern Times' by Pink Hotel.

An alternative rock band hailing from the UK, Pink Hotel are a really interesting band that combine typically rock grit with emotive messages and soothing guitar patterns.

Their second single 'Modern Times' is, as the title suggests, a commentary on modern life released earlier this year.

'Modern Times' starts out with a relatively mellow,  few clean guitar strikes and a soft vocal line. This gives the track an almost reflective, solemn tone. Soft, non-disruptive drums enter at first, fitting into the tone already created. These intensify during each chorus and combine with cymbal crashes and distorted guitars to provide a more rock tone to the track. Towards the end of 'Modern Times' the vocal gets grittier and more intense as well. A stand out moment is the smooth guitar solo at the end, marked by the crash of drums to signify the end of the track.

Personally I believe Pink Hotel would be a great band to see live, if they can translate the emotive raw energy of 'Modern Times' to the stage.

Listen to 'Modern Times' here. 

Next up we have a track from New Forest band Natives.

Currently on tour with Busted, Natives are an exciting, energetic, drum infused tribal pop four piece.

Their most recent single 'Warpaint' is nothing short of an anthem.

A chorus of voices and mellow synths start the track before a myriad of sound explodes into your consciousness. Unusual drum beats enriched with glittering synth tones sculpt the tribal base of the track.

Natives take the energy they have in a live setting and inject it straight into 'Warpaint' both through the intricate drums and bright vocal.

'Warpaint' has an unmistakably catchy anthem-like chorus that is even better when experienced live in a crowd - it gets an audience jumping let's put it that way.

A breakdown and darker drum tone mark the ending of the song with the chorus of voices building to a perfect finish on the line 'we're indestructible'. Then silence.

Listen to 'Warpaint' here and definitely check out Natives tour dates here to see if they're playing a venue near you.

Finally, we have 'Johnny's A Reject' by Glaswegian band The Vanities.

The four piece's third alternative rock sounding demo has a 'rough around the edges' sort of DIY charm about it.

I particularly like the fact that the track starts with the click of drumsticks and distant voice shouting - one - two - three - four.

And they're off.

Distorted guitars, crashing drums, prominent cymbals and a raw vocal mix together in this vibrant, young sounding rock blend. I can imagine The Vanities being a crazy, exciting band to experience live if this track is anything to go by!

With a catchy hook of 'la da da - da da da' - the chorus of 'Johnny's A Reject' rings in your ears for days after first hearing the track.

As it started, the track finishes with an unpolished tone of guitar slides, fades and gradual cymbal crashes that drift into silence.

I look forward to hearing more from The Vanities.

Listen to 'Johnny's A Reject' here.

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